Time to find another hockey club?

Move on, player. Another hockey club is waiting for you. So, let’s start.

First of all, I will tell you  I am not a hockey expert, a coach or a player. But I’m a  parent of a female player, and  I’ve been actively following female ice hockey for over 15 years. As a parent and a tireless support from the bench I have learned many things about this sport, as well as about the rules regarding it.



Lesson 1: Learn English.

Lesson 2: Learn English.

Lesoon 3: Learn English and German, French, Russian or any other foreign language.

Maybe this sounds foolish, but the golden rule is, wherever you are trying to go, you need to communicate with people. Ice hockey has been made in Canada and USA, 80% worlds female registrated players are from these countries. And English is the main language. English is also spoken between foreign players and European clubs. So, this is a must.

From the hockey point, there are two kinds of players. The first group is made of  young tallents who are trying to link the sport with education. They are usually looking for hockey schools or academies in Canada or USA. The other group includes girls who have already finished scholls or universities, looking to travel, play and work abroad.


If you are a tallented player in teen years, you have to attend as many international hockey camps as you can. The best camps are organized by IIHF: there you can find the girls and coaches from all over the world, living and playing together  as one. If you’re working hard and giving the best of you, there is a real chance to be noticed and selected from foreign scouts. They can offer you a free scholarship in USA, so it’s worth working.

The situation is different in Europe. In many countries you can attend public schools for free, on the official language of the country. But you have also to think about accomodation and the club. Maybe sounds complicated, but you can start with sending e-mails to the clubs and schools – you have nothing to loose. If you are good enough, the club can help you about school and other things.

Photo by: Somogyi Viktor


If you belong to the other group, here are some tips.

The most expencive option is to find a manager, pay, and let him doing the job for you.

But you can also start sending e-mails to the clubs. The Elite Woman Hockey League (organized by IIHF, 2004)  gathers central European female hockey countries in one competition.  You can send e-mails to the EWHL clubs with your infos and clips. But do not expect too much: some of the clubs will answer you immidiatelly, some won’t ever. Maybe is the best way to find someone who know someone, and try to reach the right persons.


You also need to know there are the clubs that pay their players, give them a flat and opportunity to work and earn money. In SDHL league in Sweden some clubs are paying players, some not. In Denmark, for example, you can play a good hockey, get a help about place to live and job to do from the club, but there is no pay.

Some players are not willing to pay managers, and do not know how to contact the clubs by themselves. There is another option. About this topic, I was talking with miss Victoria Natalie, the European director in a RPH recruiting firm https://rosterpointhockey.com/   Victoria is a Canadian, living and playing ice hockey in Europe.

Victoria Natalie

The RPH firm is located in Canada, but it is run over Europe and North America. The idea is to connect players and teams that they want to play on. For example, players fromEurope wanting to play in North America, or opposite. All the players have to do is to sign up for free. Then the team that have signed up can see there statistics, age etc, and recruit them. All American universities want to recruit European players. And all leagues in Europe want 3 imports. So it helps for both, North America and European girl players. Once the players sign up, they are on the site as long as they want. The players do not pay anything, but the teams pay a yearly fee.


But why would American univerisites look for Europeans, if we know there are over 26000 registrated female players for this season?

The teams like to have diversity, and the top European girls are more talented then the average North American girls.

Ok, but what happens after signing up? Are there some managers, trz outs etc?

Nooo, the girls are their own managers. Teams and players reach out to each other, there is no contract. Sweden, all EWHL teams and High school in North America need players.

Why would anybody need you instead of contacting  clubs directly?

It’s often hard to find the right person at a club to contact. I have at least 20-25 girls per year messaging me to help them find teams and information to get them to play in Europe. And then I have to send them all the informations. This cuts out a step, and also allows teams to see more players, then who just reach out to them. And they can see video and all their stats in one place.

Photo by: Somogyi Viktor

Well, that’s the story. You have several options, and think about them. Nothing is easy in the very begining, but maybe is just the best for you to do something. Standing in the middle will not take you anywhere.